Best Las Vegas Nightclubs on Monday

Las Vegas is one of the few places on the planet where it’s normal to party on Monday nights. It’s actually quite unusual to not go out on Monday night in Vegas. Jewel is the best Vegas nightclub Monday night. Monday night is Industry Night at Jewel, which means that the club will be crowded with nightlife workers from other nightclubs. Jewel attracts a mix of locals and tourists.

Jewel Nightclub

Jewel Nightclub, located at the Aria Hotel, is the newest venue for Monday night. Expect a mix of top DJs and top performers from top musicians. These events are known as Flawless Mondays. Jewel is a popular spot in the industry on this night. You can reserve your spot on Jewel’s guest list to have fun with your friends, dance to your favorite music and enjoy the latest club design.

It is one of the most popular nightclubs along the strip. You must descend an escalator to get into Jewel, which is located next to a huge waterfall.

The sound and lighting systems are state-of-the-art and speak for themselves. Anyone who attends a party here will notice it.

Marquee Nightclub

Marquee Nightclub is hard to beat on Monday nights. Marquee is a beautifully designed club. The energy is palpable at the Cosmopolitan. Marquee is the only club I know that has Monday night energy like Marquee. This is partially due to the club’s design, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

The club mixes a good mix of Hip Hop, EDM, and Top 40 music. This means that there is something for everyone, regardless of the DJ.

Why go to Vegas clubs on Monday nights?

The party doesn’t stop just because it’s the middle of week, or even near the weekend. Monday nights in Las Vegas are just as wild and lively as Saturday nights. Monday night is industry night at some of the most popular nightclubs along the Strip. They are open every day and offer the best DJs and other events to keep tourists and locals entertained.

Monday nights are just like weekends for many in the nightlife industry. It is not uncommon to see staff from other clubs partying on weeknights. We will keep you connected to the best events and ensure you have access to the top parties even on the weekends.