Las Vegas Theme Party Outfit

You can dress up at themed parties! We have some great tips for what to wear to a casino themed party if you are planning on attending one.

It’s important to look the part if you are attending a party themed around casino gambling in Las Vegas. It’s important to dress elegantly and still keep the theme in mind. We will be sharing some ideas on what to wear for a casino party.

Theme Party Ideas for Las Vegas

A popular theme for corporate parties is casino nights, or casino royale. Parties typically feature casino games such as a roulette table, poker, and card games. If they’re extravagant enough, a slot machine may also be included.

It can be difficult to choose the right outfit for fancy casino parties. Are you ready to dress up like high-rollers? Do you prefer to keep it simple and dress like a high roller?

Party Themes for Men

James Bond is the first person that comes to mind when you think about casino attire. An elegant tuxedo and all the trimmings will make you stand out.

Plaid dress shirt, cufflinks and black bow tie. Make sure to bring your white pocket square just like in Las Vegas nightclubs.

A costume rental shop can provide a tuxedo or you can find one at a thrift shop.

Puttin’ on a ritz is another source of inspiration for your casino-night outfit. All you need is a pair of polished loafers with a white scarf, top hat and a cane.

Party Themes for Women

If you are a lady and wondering what to wear for a casino night, your in luck.

With items in your closet, you can easily make a casino-themed dress. Grab your little black dress. You can make it even more special by choosing one with silver or gold embellishments.

A floor-length or longer skirt is a great option if you are looking for more glamour. A skirt that falls below the knees works well.

Black doesn’t always have to be your choice. You can also think of a deck of cards. Red and gold are great options. For maximum effect, add a pair black pantyhose with high heels.

Casinos are all about the extravagant. You don’t have to be a wallflower this evening! You can either go big or go home in your attire and you will fit right in with this theme.

Casino Costumes and Outfits

Poker players are known for wearing ties and suits. A bright suit, with heavy rings and a dollar sign necklace, could be worn by a pimp. You could also dress up as a gangster with a cigar and hat. Skimpy dresses for women are often paired with feather boas and showgirl costumes.