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March 26, 2020

About Social Distance Party

Streaming for the arts, made simple. Seizing the means of production and making these tools available to artists, to connect creators and fans with no nonsense. 

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Social Distance Party is a solution to a novel problem. Now more than ever, an outlet is needed to connect fans with their favorite artists. As musicians and music lovers, we strive to create a platform to bridge the newfound gap between artists and fans. The content that artists stream to fans fosters the community solidarity that social distance puts at risk, whereas the donations and revenue generated by fans’ viewership provides a vital lifeline to artists, during a hiatus of the live performances that are the main source of artists’ income.


We are all in this together as we seek to make this new show-going experience as seamless as possible, to keep our musical community healthy while all taking the necessary distancing measures to keep our world communities healthy. Our inbox is always open to contributors, fans, artists, and collaborators, who share our goals of connecting artists and fans.


SDP is not affiliated with any labels, management groups, or promotion agencies- only artists and fans who want to help our community through dark days


All revenue, from donations, downloads, and ad revenue, is passed to artists


All time by SDP contributors is volunteered


Operational expenses are paid for collectively by contributors

Want to work with us?

Community engagement is our mission. Our inbox is open to any and all inquiries, from contributor, consumer, or observer, to help keep arts flowing in uncertain times.